Total solution for your Pizzeria or Restaurant
Give your customers Android and iPhone/iPad Apps mobile ordering, in-app payments, social media, and website ordering too.

Total solution for your Pizzeria or Restaurant

Why waste time and money on developing your own restaurant apps and ordering system? We've already done it for you and give you the option to use our solution as your own.

Give your customers Android and iPhone / iPad Apps mobile ordering, reservations, payments in the app, social media, and website ordering too.

We have all the features needed to make your business a success and allow you to get to market, fast!

Why should I be careful?

The problem

Large online food ordering companies take 10%, 15%, 20 - 25% or more commission from restaurants per Order.

If you're like most restaurant owners, you'll find that they're constantly cheating you out of your profits - in any order.

The more orders you sell, the more commission they will make. And guess where they get those customers - you guessed it - right from you.

Do you see the problem?




The solution

To attract customers who order online, you need a solid online ordering system. Our system is a white-label system, meaning it can be customized to match your restaurant's brand. Your customers see our ordering system with your restaurant's brand.

They order conveniently from your restaurant's website using their computer or mobile phone.

You keep every customer. To use our system there is a fixed monthly price and there is absolutely 0% commission per Order.

No matter how many food orders you sell, it will be the same monthly rate.


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